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“Everything in life has to have balance. Don’t do things in excess.”

Hi, I’m Live Like KK!

As a wellness coach, my mission is to empower you to create balance and bring clarity to your everyday life so that you can show up for yourself, for those that matter and for the things that make you happy. 

If you are tired of plodding through and feeling burnt out and are ready to create the life you want…

You have come to the right place!

I believe that anyone is capable of living the life they want because I have seen it happen many times. I work deeply with you, touching upon core values, limiting beliefs, understanding who you are and why your emotions work the way they do in order for you to create the life you want. 

My Coaching Pillars

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I offer 1:1 Wellness Coaching working on creating a balance thorough:

  • Limiting Beliefs and Core Values
  • Emotions & Mindfulness
  • Time Management
  • Relationships
  • Physical Wellness
  • Occupational Wellness
  • Habits & Goal Setting

I offer Personal Training working on:

  • Creating a balance with your exercise and nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Chronic Illness

I also offer bespoke Workout and nutrition plans.

Benefits of Working with Me

  • You will be able to bring back balance into your life so you can live a life you are happy with and be your best self.
  • You will have more clarity in your life which will lead you to be more motivated when working towards you goals.
  • You will understand yourself more, your emotions and behaviours which will help improve your relationships.
  • You will understand the importance of diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep along with the impact it has on your life.

What My Amazing Clients Say

Stephanie, B

My coaching session with Kayeesha was really effective in helping me to identify my biggest strengths, how to use them and what I really want for my future. We also worked on figuring out how I can reach my potential with small attainable goals that lead to something bigger. It gave me confidence and clearer path. 

Lindi R

Kayeesha literally transformed my life. Her sessions are embracing and comfortable yet firm enough to make you want to do and be better, not only for yourself, but to who you hold yourself accountable to (especially when you haven’t done your homework). Definitely one of my best decisions of 2021.

Hannah M

The create the life you want package is such a unique way of coaching. I chose what I wanted to focus on and that is what we did. We went in depth with beliefs and what was holding me back from being successful. If you are looking to implement habits that you can stick with, Kayeesha is the one.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

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