Push Yourself Because No One Else Will Do It For You

When we add more weight to the bar or lift heavier or even do more reps, this is because each muscle group has adapted to the training that we are doing.

If they haven’t adapted to the particular training style then we wouldn’t be able to lift heavier or complete the extra reps.

What I am trying to say, is our muscles don’t grow because of adding weight or reps, it is purely down to the fact that our muscles have adapted by growing and getting bigger.

In order for this to happen, we do need to work hard in the gym, but building muscle requires a lot of effort and is harder than we think. In other words, you may end up failing in some of your sets regardless.

Whether you fail or not, it won’t give you greater gains than finishing a set or adding in the extra reps. When building muscle, muscle fatigue does play a part, however we do not need to take a set to failure in order to cause muscle fatigue.

Muscles will still grow at the same rate. On top of taking a set to failure, don’t forget the lack of technique that comes when trying to fatigue the muscle, especially when it comes to large compound movements such as the deadlift.

At the end of the day, to build muscle you do need to reach a certain amount of effort, but you don’t need to train to complete failure to stimulate the growth of bigger and stronger muscles.

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3 responses to “Push Yourself Because No One Else Will Do It For You”

  1. Great thoughts here!!!


    1. getfitwithgomes28 avatar

      Thanks Cindy. It is exactly what i do and how i think x

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      1. I like how you think 👍


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