Why Do Fats Get A Bad Name?

Fat won’t make you fat. 

Fats always get a bad reputation. Too much of anything will make you gain weight. However, dietary fat is very important to health. There are 4 types of fats.

  1. Saturated Fat
  2. Monounsaturated Fat
  3. Polyunsaturated fat
  4. Trans Fat

Fats help our production of hormones, heart health, aids the digestion of fat soluble vitamins, reducing inflammation and much more.

You need to ensure you are getting some of fats 1-3 in your everyday diet. Trans fat is the one you should steer away from on a frequent basis.

Saturated fat is found in dairy produce and oils, such as coconut. It is beneficial for boosting our brain functions, helping our skin and hair but it can also kill off bacteria in our body.

Monounsaturated fat is found in foods such avocados or olives/ olive oil. Monounsaturated fat helps to reduce inflammation in our body and improves insulin sensitivity which is vital for building muscle.

Polyunsaturated fat is found in oily fishes like salmon and sardines, or seeds such as flaxseed, sunflower seeds etc. This is very important for the growth of our cells as well as lowering the ‘bad’ cholesterol in our body.

Trans fat on the other hand, we need to watch out for. These are hydrogenated to form a solidified version of the fat which is similar to animal fats. Think of margarine. These are not good for our bodies and are linked to heart disease and high cholesterol.

Ensure you get enough fat. Eat fat with every meal, because it is all very well eating your greens, but fats help our digestion and if you aren’t getting enough of fats, you are not gaining all of its benefits. 

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