Getting Stuck Is Reactive, Getting Unstuck Is Proactive

You are only as stuck as you think you are. 

We all have the choice to let go. By letting go, I mean getting rid of any behaviour, relationship or situation that does not help benefit you. 

It can be tough thinking about the future It can feel both scary and intimidating, just like letting go off something that you have been involved in for a long time is uncomfortable. 

For me, I felt stuck in terms of my career, business and fitness goals and I was waiting here for these changes to happen, but they didn’t and I was stuck and I stayed there. 

I have learnt that refusing to change stops us from growing. I have also learnt that change is deciding where you want to go and are the ups and downs that come with the journey worth it? 

You get to choose how you shape your future and journey. You get to choose how you feel and what you need to change in order to reach your potential. 

When we own our stories in life, we avoid being trapped as a character in someone else’s story.

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