Have Fun When You Workout And It Wont Feel Like Work

Working out can be hard so here are a few tips that I find helps to keep me going and to make the most out of the workouts that I do.

  1. Do workouts that challenge you, mentally and physically as this will keep you engaged. On top of this you will more than likely stick to the schedule.
  2. Figure out the exercise before adding weights. Form is very important when it comes to exercise as you could do some serious damage if not.
  3. Remember results don’t happen overnight. Don’t let this have a negative effect on your workouts, keep at it.
  4. Respect your body and what it can do. Be proud of what your body can achieve when it comes to exercise. By doing this you will enjoy your workout routine more.
  5. The big one- do not compare yourself to others. Every fitness journey is different. You are your own competition not anyone else.

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