Goodbye 2020

It is fair to say 2020 was not how anyone expected it to be.

For the majority of us it started as normal bringing in the new year in bars, clubs, at parties with family and friends.

Little did we know that we would be faced with a pandemic on top of the daily stressors that we face.

Despite all of this, 2020 has been a year of growth.

A few things I have learnt and achieved are:

1. People come and go from your life

2. I have learnt who my true people are

3. I have faced mental health struggles but reached out and got the help I needed

4. I left my job and got a new job that I enjoy and where I am happy

5. I am continuing to work on achieving my goals to get to where I want

6. I have had to make big decisions but they have shaped me and made me into a better person

7. I did further studying: sports nutrition, sports massage, massage therapist course, yoga and mindful mental health

8. I realised where I was happiest

9. I had time to reflect on the type of person I want to be

10. I am loved.

We have many things to be grateful for so protect yourself and your energy and do not give into all the negative talk that is around. Everything is what we make of it.

Tonight have a great New Year’s Eve wherever you are and whatever you plan to do.

Take it with a big open heart.

The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.

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