I’m In A Relationship With Food

You know whats healthier than kale? Having a good relationship with food.

As we grow and develop, what we want out of a relationship with food changes. 

We go through different phases of the types of foods we eat. We have moved from #cleaneating to #caloriesmatter, to now let us all enjoy the food for health reasons and for fun. 

The way you used to eat 5 years ago is highly unlikely to be the same as you eat today and in 5 years from now, it will probably change again. 

It can make you feel secure to eat certain foods on a frequent basis, or to even follow a regime when it comes to food but we need to learn that our tastebuds change as do our priorities in life. 

By being inclusive of all types of foods will help us psychologically. Some foods may be more beneficial on a nutritional basis and others maybe not so much, but food is food regardless. Different foods provide us with different things, some with energy, vitamins etc. and some just make us feel good. No food should be deemed as bad or to make us feel guilty. 

What should really matter when it comes to your relationship with food is to find a balance.