All Or Nothing

If the methods are unsustainable, then the results are unsustainable. 

I have learnt that you can only get so far by having an all or nothing mentality. You can smash your workouts on a daily basis, drink your 2 litres of water every day and sleep for 7-9 hours a night, however the moment you do something wrong, everything falls out of control, therefore making this unsustainable for you. 

If you take the all or nothing approach to life and think that things are less than perfect means failure, well when it comes to health, it isn’t an all or nothing thing. 

In fitness, this will keep you unbalanced and unhealthy. 

An all or nothing mind-set in fitness looks a bit like:

1. If I have eaten something bad then I try to be good
2. If I see a number on the scale that I don’t like, I have failed
3. I eat really well during the week then go all out on the weekend

In order to overcome this, you need to be aware you are taking this approach to fitness. You should realise that doing something is better than doing nothing and the small wins should be applauded. 

You didn’t workout today, that is okay, however don’t eat rubbish for the whole day due to your all or nothing attitude. 

Get on with your day and enjoy food and don’t punish yourself when you may go slightly overboard. 

You should aim to do more good than bad, however, just remember, we are all human. 

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