Moving Home In Your Twenties?

I am moving back home at the end of February, and when I say this to people, they respond in a negative way. It is viewed as you failing, when in reality it actually helps you to get on the right track. 

I can fully say, that after I finished university, I was excited to move out after living away for 3 years and that is what I did. I moved to Golders Green for a year and then to South London for 3 years but this year I am finally moving back.

I will be living in the converted studio. I am very excited. Moving back home can have its positives, and they are:

  1. I will be able to save money. 

Of course I will be paying rent, but unlike renting, and all the extra bills on top, these are included, so the money that I would have paid on top I will save. 

2. I love my family and cats 

I enjoy spending time with my mum and brother and cat. I like the times when I can sit with them over a cup of tea and watch TV or just generally have a chat. For some people, sadly they don’t have this, but if you are fortunate enough to have your family around, make the most of spending time with them. 

3. I still am independent

Many people believe that being back at home, you lose your independence. This really isn’t the case. You need to be able to have that trust, honesty and respect. You divide your time fairly, you spend your time with them but you also dedicate time to doing your own thing and vice versa. 

I can fully say, that deciding to move back home is a step in the right direction in order for my wellbeing, independence, financial goals and even being able to work towards my future career.  

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