I Am Not Dieting, I Am Practicing Self-Control

Sometimes you have to let go off the control. 

In terms on control, it could be:

  • Food
  • Weight
  • Training
  • Sleep
  • Work

These things dictated my life. I missed out on experiences and lost perspective of life. 

Exercise and maintaining a good diet are a good way to take control but only to an extent. 

They can actually cause us to:

Be scared to eat certain foods, say no to social events and feel guilty for missing a workout 

That isn’t us being in control, that is fitness controlling us. 

You actually lose touch with life. The best thing to do in this instance is to make changes and take the control back. Look out for your wellness on the whole as opposed to the short term fitness goals. 

Fitness is a part of your life but not the whole life.