Be The Inspiration

There are a lot of things that we need to do in order to be successful and reach our goals, but what are a few habits that successful people have?

  1. They tend to wake up early. With this in mind, we should aim to get between 7-9 hours sleep. 
  2. They do 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise each day.
  3. They meditate on a frequent basis 
  4. They gratitude. Take a few minutes each morning to be thankful for what they have. 
  5. They read. Aim to read at least one non-fiction book per month. 
  6. They choose fruit and vegetables over high fat options of food. This is proven to help with higher productivity at work.
  7. They journal. It is said that we should journal for one and half hours each week. 

If we want to improve and rewire our brain for success we have to ensure that we weaken the neural pathway by changing our actions. 

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