Be Yourself, But Be Your Best Self

If you want to progress, you need to make it a lifestyle. 

You need to enjoy what you do and fall in love with the lifestyle.

You need to enjoy the process and explore what works best for you and what motivates you. Look at what gets you excited to jump out of bed and work on becoming your best self. 

I have learnt to be more flexible. I take unplanned rest days, eat meals that people don’t deem as healthy and I still see progress. What I do is sustainable. 

We need to prioritise the things that make us happy, take care of our wellness and stay aligned with our values. 

If you want to be resilient, maintain progress, have a strong body and natural energy, you need to stop doing fad diets. 

Find what you love, write your goals, formulate an action plan and routine that works well for you.