You Don’t Find Balance, You Create It

I want to talk about balance. 

We live in a society where we are struggling with stress, poor mental health and even getting burnout. Due to this, we are often looking for cures in order to help us along the way. 

We are overwhelmed trying to keep up with our relationships, long working days and trying to do as much as possible, resulting in our brains needing a break. 

This is me saying bring back some balance to your life. This will go a long way and will have positive effects on your life.

If you want to find balance, I suggest the following:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables 
  • Schedule time away from technology 
  • Movement and stretching 
  • When doing tasks, think about the task itself and why you are doing it
  • Write lists of things you need to do / remember 
  • Have a good bedtime routine-maybe even get into bed earlier.

I know it can sound counterproductive to say relax, however, you have to do it sometimes. Prioritise yourself.

Life is about finding the balance between holding on and letting go. 

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