Positive Energy Attracts Positive Outcomes

Has anyone actually thought about what it feels like to stay and be in your own energy?

For me personally, it has been a learning curve. By this, I mean I have learnt things about myself that I haven’t before such as the fact that I was sensitive, I tried to please others a lot and i gave a lot of time to situations and people that had negative effects on me.

Learning how to stay focused and grounded in my own energy has been a life changing moment for me. It takes time and practice, but we can all get there.

Here are a few ways that you can practice staying in your own energy:

1. Spend quality time with yourself.

2. Spend time alone in silence. This can help you to listen more.

3. Walk outside in nature without headphones. This helps you to pay more attention to what is around you.

4. Meditate and practice breath-work. This enables you to stop overthinking.

5. Rather than just doing a task, ask yourself, why you are doing something.

6. Ensure you take time away from technology. This helps you to be present in your environment.

It is vital to explore and get to know what your own energy feels like. This leads to beautiful things in terms of your relationship with yourself.

To get in tune with your own energy doesn’t begin with going on a solo trip, it begins from inside, by taking some time to get to know yourself.

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