Rule Your Mind

We often think that we don’t have any control of our mind when the majority of the time we actually let our thoughts run free.

By doing this, we worry about the little things and it can cause us to create negative scenarios in our head that make us feel stressed out.

Once we realise that we can actually choose what to focus our mind on, it creates a peaceful and positive place in our head.

Some ways to reframe your mindset are:

1. Putting yourself down ——> Be your biggest cheerleader. Cheer yourself on, even with the smallest wins.

2. Worrying and getting stressed ——> Be grateful for the things you have at present

3. Feeling as though you should give up ——> Visualise your life and how you want it to be and take the steps to get there.

4. Negative talk to yourself ——> Focus your energy on bettering yourself.

5. Comparing yourself to others ——> Rather than say they are better than you, say I can do that too.

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