Give In Or Resist?

In last blogs post, we talked about what specific cravings mean. So today, we will touch upon what to do when the cravings actually hit us and how we deal with this?

The human body is very clever and can tell us when we aren’t getting enough of a certain nutrient, or we eat because we are stressed and other times its just due to circumstances where we are bored or tired.

Cravings are inevitable. It is all part of the running of the human body.

I will start by saying it IS OKAY to give into cravings every now and again, we just can’t be eating 5 packets of crisps or a pizza every time we feel like it as this will hinder our progress. This may be losing weight, gaining muscle or even maintaining, because in order to be successful our body requires us to be consistent with our nutrition. 

There are things that we can do to help us get through the cravings. 

  1. Fit a treat into your nutrition plan. As I track my macros, this makes the treat element a lot easier. If I want to have a slice of cake, I will track this into my food first then plan the rest of my meals around this and according to how much of each, protein, carbohydrates and fat I have left. That way you didn’t fall of the bandwagon. 
  2. Look online and find a macro friendly version of the treat that you want. It may require more effort than popping to the shops and picking up a ready made option of what you want but it will definitely be worth it to stay on track. I find most of my options on Instagram.
  3. Have drinks. Sometimes I can’t fit in a sweet treat, so I have drinks. I have a coffee with syrup, or the occasional fizzy drink. None of this will hurt.
  4. Explore what other things may be going on in your life. Are you sleeping enough, are you stressed out? Write these things down and remove yourself from this. Make an effort to sleep enough by going to bed slightly earlier and deal with the stresses in a proactive way. This may be talking to someone or keeping a diary. Anything that can help, do it. 
  5. Keep busy. How many times have you snacked because you are bored? Sometimes keeping busy is the best thing that you can do. Go out for a walk, meet up with friends or family, read a book etc. More often than not, these cravings will all disappear. 

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