Fitness Is A Lifestyle

I have been thinking a lot the past few weeks about the fitness industry.

The fitness lifestyle can be perceived as egocentric- causing people to become obsessed with their body and what they look like, when in reality there is a lot more to the fitness industry and lifestyle. 

I have found that the fitness industry has made me feel more confident within myself and I can apply this to other aspects of my life. The main things that I have discovered is that it shows me that I have the potential to do anything that I want to do, along with being able to do things that I find difficult, plus it helps me to feel good both inside and out.

This isn’t just what fitness does but also other methods of self-care can do. Making yourself feel good on a general basis and loving yourself helps to be become self-efficient. 

As an online coach, I aim to help people feel confident within themselves by instructing them on how to treat their body with:

 1. Respect
2. Good Nutrition 
3. Positive Mental Health
4. Physical Exercise. 

This isn’t just so that they can feel good when they look at themselves but so they feel that they can become the best version of themselves through achieving what they work for and towards. 

Each one of us must be visible for ourselves and show up for ourselves. The most powerful weapon is the human soul. 

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