Wimbledon 2021

Despite COVID we are lucky enough to now have events to go to in 2021. We have had the Euro’s and we have the Tennis. This  year I had the opportunity of visiting Wimbledon for the 2021 championships. 

The build up consisted off doing a COVID test 48 hours before hand. This could be done at home or at a test centre and presenting the negative results.  If you were double vaccinated you would be able to show a COVID pass on your phone for entry. 

Wimbledon is dependent on the weather, and the date I chose to go, there was rain. 

It was an early start to the day. I went with my partner. We arrived at 10am as the gates were due to open at 10.30am. There were massive queues around that went around the corner from the stadium. We queued for an hour. I am impatient at the best of times, however as this was my first visit, I was more prepared to accept what it was. 

Nearing the entrance of the gate, they asked for my COVID test and ID. I was then presented with a pink band that said COVID Certification. Following on from that we had mobile tickets on the app which were scanned by a member of staff. They also asked for ID when presenting the ticket. Despite the queues, it was a rather straightforward start. 

Once we had our tickets scanned, the bags were checked. 

From there it was time to explore the grounds. There was everything on site, toilets, shops that sold Wimbledon merchandise, a museum, food – more noticeably the famous strawberries and cream, plus Pimms and champagne. It is fair to say that they weren’t lacking on food or drink options. We grabbed a Pimms and took in the scenes around us.

I was offered court 12. The games were due to start at 11am BST on the outside courts, however due to the rain, the play was pushed back. This meant that it was time for me to try the strawberries and cream. They really did taste as good as they sounded. You aren’t doing Wimbledon correctly if you don’t drink Pimms and eat strawberries and cream. 

We were given frequent announcements on the hour explaining when play would start. The games on the outside courts were not due to bel played before 3pm at least. It meant time for food. Picnics are most popular. Many people bring their picnic and Prosecco and have it on Henman hill. We opted for the sausage grill and I had a hot dog in a sourdough roll topped with crispy fried onions. 

The games on court 1 and centre court were good to go ahead as they were covered. We grabbed another drink and headed to watch the N. Djokvich v J. Draper on Henman Hill. Despite not being on the court, you still felt part of the action. We were very unlucky with the weather, but by 4pm play started on the outside courts. There were meant to be 4 games played on court 12 but sadly only 2 were successful played. 

It is a great day out, however I do wish I was more prepared in terms of bringing my food and drinks. 

Here are my Wimbledon Championship Pointers:

  1. Don’t forget to take your bottle of alcohol 
  2. Bring your picnic
  3. Be prepared for long queues before entry 
  4. You may be waiting around on a bad weather day. You are able to leave and re enter the ground though. 

It is definitely an experience and an event I would love to be able to attend again. If I am lucky enough maybe court 1 or centre court. Here’s to keep on wishing. 

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