Steps To Boost Creativity

Creativity is defined as using our imagination or original ideas to create something. Creativity is an important component of wellness because it helps to boost your health through challenging yourself and brain. Many people think you either have creativity our you don’t, when in fact this isn’t the case. We all have creativity, it is just how we choose to use it. 

You can practice creativity in your everyday life. Something as simple as journalling is known as creativity. Other activities that are classed as creative can be knitting, drawing, painting and sewing. 

You can also change your mindset to help you boost your creativity levels. You can do this by; learning new ideas at the right time, be open to new things and ask questions. 

By learning new ideas at the right time, this means learning at a time when you are unable to be interrupted. 

Being open to new things, is about being flexible about trying new creative activities.

Asking questions is about allowing your memory to find more information that helps you to solve things you are not sure about. 

Other steps that you can take to boost your creativity and intellect is to:

Determine what you want. Figure out your short and long term goals. 

Determine where you can get the knowledge that you are seeking, i.e. books, seminars, classes.

Apply yourself. 

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