Balance Your Passions, Not Time

Whether it is with friends, family, a long term partner or co-workers there has to be balance in a relationship. Balance is the time and the effort that each person adds to the relationship. You text and call and text again, but you hear nothing. When someone stops putting in the effort, the relationship often starts to fizzle out. 

There are the people that we text and we don’t hear from in a couple of days and that is okay. These types of relationships, don’t give up on so easily. We are all trying to navigate our way through life. So hold on to these ones.

The hardest relationships are when you have good friends or a partner that stops responding or doesn’t want to make plans with you. This is where you decide whether or not you want to keep trying to make the relationship work.

The point here is that you need to know when to step back and focus your energy elsewhere. Balance needs to be applied to all aspects of life, this can be through work, your family, meditation and much more. 

This is exactly the same way that if a relationship is doing you more harm than good and causing burnout, change the direction. Focus on who is important and who is there to support you through the difficult times.

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