Shift Your Perspective

I am a person who has gone through mental health battles, so I want to talk about having a change in perspective and mindset. 

When we are grateful, we are grateful for the good things that happen. These are things that have gone our way. We only embrace one side. What about the not so good things that occur?

When things aren’t the best we often end up feeling ungrateful for things. 

We don’t like the idea of feeling challenged, but we like the idea of being supported. 

We hate painful situations but we love pleasure. 

Really we need to be grateful for both sides. The reason for this is that the not so good feeling will pass and this is what we need to remember. 

Think about a time where something didn’t go your way, or a painful situation that was really hard to go through at the time, but some good actually came out from the end of the situation. When asking this, the first thing is, you probably don’t want to remember this. 

Here is a little challenge for you. 

  1. Practice being grateful for the things that didn’t go your way. 
  2. Practice changing the way you look at things. 
  3. Practice replacing the negative thoughts with positive affirmations. 

I want to hear how you have got on with doing this, so comment and let me know how you have got on.

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