Hold The Vision

There are certain hobbies that we find relaxing and one of them that has come into light again is vision boarding. Visualising the life that you desire. 

A vision board is a board that is used to build a collage of pictures and words that represent what you want to create from life. 

Visualisation is extremely powerful for the mind. Through visualising, you are sending powerful messages into the universe. 

Through taking things from your mind and putting them onto paper, they become more real, which in turn makes it harder for you to ignore and not take action towards getting there. 

There are many ways that you can create a vision board. You can do this on paper and take images from magazines, you can use a cork board, PowerPoint or even Pinterest. 

Search through websites, blogs, and add the images or words to your board. 

The most important thing when creating a vision board is where you keep it once it is completed. It should be kept somewhere where you can see it every day, as you become naturally attracted to this so that you can work towards your goals. 

Think about your dreams, visualise it and go create the life you want. 

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