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A show you must watch if you are struggling right now is, The Bold Type. 

This show is probably one of the most talked about programmes on Netflix. After struggling what to watch I used the play something feature on Netflix and it bought up The Bold Type. Within a matter of minutes of playing the show, I was hooked. 

Given the fact we were living with restrictions during the time I started watching this show, it was everything that we were yearning for, a social life. 

Being in a pandemic and lockdown meant that we were disconnected from the real world, that being seeing our friends, family, going to bars and restaurants, so this show came as a comfort to me. It reminded me that we would have some sense of normality sooner or later. 

The Bold Type also served as a reminder that whatever world we are living in, we aren’t perfect, we all go through hardships, but we can get through them when having the most important people behind us on our journey.

If you are struggling or feeling lost, it is really the perfect comfort show for you to watch. It tackles real time issues that can affect both men and women and is the perfect balance of the life that we will come to live again. 

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