Tips For Staying Safe On Dates

Online dating has been a big thing during the pandemic as we haven’t been able to interact with people, however with the restrictions lifting, how do you stay safe on a date with someone you have met online?

  1. Make sure your friends and family know where you are

Before you head out on your dates, always let someone close to you know the venue and time of your date, so tat in the event that anything were to happen, they would know where to locate you. 

2. Carry a Safety Alarm

I had safety alarms throughout school. It is always good to air on the side of caution. These are great as you can hide them by attaching them to keys. All you need to do if you feel in danger is to pull the cord out and it draws attention by making a loud sound. 

3. Ask Angela

This is something that is going on in a few pubs. They have posters stuck on the back of toilet doors. If you feel unsafe, go to a staff member, quote ask Angela and they will help you leave discreetly. 

4. Angel Shot

This has recently been going viral on Tik Tok. A bartender had explained what to do if you feb unsafe. Order and Angel shot with lime. This means you need the police so the bartender will inform a manager and they will get the police involved for you. An angel shot neat. This is where you need someone to walk you to your car as you feel unsafe. An angel shot on the rocks. This means you need someone to cal you a taxi home safe. 

5. Tracking Apps

This might seem excessive to some degree, however this is great to give people a peace of mind. You can share your location with friends and family so that the know where you are after a night out, or even after leaving work. It is also good if you are meeting someone so they know your approximate eta and can stick on the kettle for you, or know when to leave the house. 

What are your tips for staying safe on dates?

Live Like KK x

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