How Do I Become More Positive?

How do I become a more positive person is a question that many people ask me knowing that I do Life Coaching. 

I think that they are looking for a response such as just think good thoughts etc, but this is far from the reality.  

When you want to become a positive person, it means you have to experience and feel all types of emotions and be okay with them. 

We are always taught about emotions such as happiness and excitement but the bad ones such as stress, anger and sadness are pushed aside and we resist them. 

The fact is, there are no good or bad emotions because each one plays an important part in our mind and bodies. We need to allow them with each situation that we encounter so we can truly live in the present moment. 

The next time you feel like crying, do it. The next time you feel like screaming, grab that pillow. 

Allow yourself to feel these emotions. The more yo do this, the more you can feel positive and happy within yourself. 

There is more to being a positive person, so hang in here and part 2 will be with you in two sleeps. 

Live Like KK x

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