Coffee Please

Why the coffee shop is a great place to work.

Why do we prefer to work from a coffee shop as opposed to our office?

They both have the hustle and bustle of people everywhere so what makes it any different?

The change of scenery is one thing, but the real thing is the creativity aspect. 

As humans we  are curious and seeing other people go about their day and lives, it gives us the inspiration that we need to be proactive and get things done. On top of that, they people who are in the coffee shop to work have gone for the same purpose as us.

The background noise is also a ground for helping us to be creative. By being a bit distracted from the task at hand, it can give our thinking ability a boost. 

Next time you have the creativity block, go to a coffee shop, grab a latte, mocha, cappuccino or all of them and gain that inspiration back again. 

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