Football Is A Team Game

On Saturday 4th September, there was no premier league football and I was going to stay inside and chill out, but there is nothing like fresh air and a spontaneous trip to watch non-league football and locally. I went to Raynes Park Vale Football Club vs Badshot Lea Football Club. 

Raynes Park Vale are currently 5th in the table. They began the game in 3rd place.  

The game cost £8 and you could take your beer into the ground, stand and watch the game.  To me, that is how I remember football. All layered up, standing and watching the game, not staying seated for 90 minutes. 

The ground was a good size and a grass pitch. It can hold around 1500 spectators. They also ground share with Earlsfield FC.

I wondered what it was like to play non-league football over premier league football. I Spoke to AH from Earlsfield FC who said that he likes playing for Earlsfield FC because he feels that it is more enjoyable and that there is less pressure on the players and more of a balanced life. I am all about balance and I can see that they enjoy the fact they have a chance to get together with the lads, have a few beers and watch football and when they have a match, play the sport that they love. 

The teams play with passion and fight. That is one thing I fully noticed. Badshot Lea have been unbeaten. It was a case of 3rd v 2nd in the table. The 17th minute bought a goal for Badshot Lea. It was from a corner. Sadly the Vales defence just could not group together to prevent the goal. Half Time, the score was 0-1.

The game was heated. The fight between both teams was incredible and the passion from the players, but the Vale simply ran out of ideas. The 70th minute, meant a misplaced pass and the goalkeeper was sent the wrong way which resulted in 0-2 to Badshot. You can’t take away 2 great saves from Vale keeper Billy Bishop though. It was a disappointing loss for the Vale, but none the less a great day out. 

If you are stuck for what to day and live in the Wimbledon area, get yourself down to Price Georges Playing Fields and watch Raynes Park Vale FC and Earlsfield FC. Given the pandemic and the economic impact it has had, we need to start supporting local businesses. 

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