Health Is Harmony

It is hard enough to take control of our self-care when juggling work, family, pets, hobbies etc. So, how can we integrate self care into our daily lives and so it occur naturally as opposed to planning self- care day and moments?

The first thing is that it needs to be enjoyable. When working out, make sure you have your best tracks at the ready and maybe set yourself a challenge. That way you are motivated to workout. 

How about getting someone to hold you accountable? Maybe if you are doing an alcohol detox or beginning a meal plan, tell someone so that they can check in on you. Even better, maybe get a friend to join in with you for moral support. 

Keep track of your progress too. If your goal is to hit for 10k steps a day, then each day write down the number of steps that you do. If you have a physical transformation goal, take pictures. Whatever the progress might be, track it so you stay focused and that you don’t lose the motivation. 

Self-care isn’t just physical, but once you begin to take control of the physical wellbeing, you will begin to start feeling a sense of balance in your overall life. 

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