Become An Ultrapreneur

Do you want to become an ultrapreneur? 

Firstly, what is an ultrapreneur?

An ultrapreneur is someone who has exceeded being an entrepreneur but who has also had an effect on their community, whether that is family, friends etc. 

If you want to be an ultrapreneur, you need to be passionate about what you do, but not emotional. You need to do what you love and also get a mentor to guide you along the way.

An ultrapreneur that stands out to me is Elon Musk. Elon Musk changes the way we feel and how we experience electric cars.

Ultrapreneur’s have a more balanced approach to how they do business. They care greatly about the business but they also care about the impact that they have on others. They want to assist the future generations and leave a positive legacy behind them. 

As an ultrapreneur, they are happy and they are able to get more done in less time, because they know how to control and also quiet their mind. 

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