Beat The Office Anxiety

Most of us are now back in the office since the pandemic. This probably is a huge shock to the system considering that we spent around 18 months working from home. It is okay to experience anxiety when it come to doing things you haven’t in a while. 

Here are a few tips of how you can ease that office anxiety:

  1. If you feel nervous, tell someone. It doesn’t matter who it is, it is just important to let those thoughts and feelings out.  They won’t be able to solve what is going on, but you won’t feel alone. 
  2. Make sure you still have you time. I am a huge advocate of me time. Working from home it was easy to just close the laptop and take a breather, however when you are stuck in the office with meetings non stop, it may be hard, so be sure to block off some time in calendar just to take a breather, get fresh air and something to eat or drink.
  3. Have your evenings. This is important. Keep the balance. If your evening is sitting catching up on your TV shows, having a bubble bath or spending time with friends and family, do it. Do what you need to unwind.

What tips do you have to calm the anxiety of being back in the office?

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