Enjoy The Flight

My first experience at the airport since the Pandemic was flying to Lisbon from Gatwick on 15/11/2021. 

It is fair to say after not flying for over a year, there were bound to be nerves. 

Most of my nerves came from whether or not I had everything I needed, passport, cards, euros, and the most recent addition, my COVID pass. 

The two hour window was still the same however I opted for 3 hours in case of any delays.

I arrived at Gatwick airport North Terminal not long after 7am.

The process through security was the same and I was past security in around 5 /10 mins max. 

After security came, the duty free shopping. They now have a Harry Potter shop at Gatwick which of course was the first place I entered. 

There are some circumstances where it was acceptable to drink during the early hours and the airport is one of them. 

The queue for Wetherspoons was rather long, so I opted for a bar. I sat at the stools by the bar. It only felt fitting to order a glass of champagne pre-flight, oh and maybe a beer too. A great way to begin the holiday. 

Come 9am, the gate info came. I was expecting lots of COVID checks but to my delight there wasn’t any except at the gate when boarding.

We had to scan our own boarding pass then show our passport and remove the masks so the staff could see our faces. 

It was all straightforward and stress free, not to mention all rather speedy too. I didn’t feel unsafe at any point.

Being back at the airport for me is like a kid at Christmas. I have been waiting for this moment and I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience back at the airport. Now for Lisbon!

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