The Power Of Nostalgia

No one really knows what is going on at the moment, things are so uncertain with the pandemic but one thing I take comfort in is rewatching shows that I have already seen. 

Why you ask me? I certainly don’t think I am the only one guilty of doing this. 

Choosing what to watch is both time and energy consuming so opting for something we have already seen takes a heavy load from us and enables our brains to have a rest.

Rewatching shows also saves us from the commitment of dedicating our time to a new show and investing days and hours to 5 or 6 seasons of something that we haven’t seen before. 

On top of the above, reattaching something that I have already seen reminds me of the good times, the past, and pre pandemic which makes me feel happier and safer. 

What shows are you rewatching and how do they make you feel?

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