Go For It

I said I wanted to make 2022 more about me and growing my business and that is exactly what I am doing. 

From working 5 days a week and 40+ hours including on my business, well this year I decided to go bank and choose when I work.

I can truly say that it is the best decision I have made. I still stick to a routine. I get up, have a coffee, do a workout, go for a walk and then start on my Live Like KK work. 

What I love is the freedom and the flexibility of not having to answer to anybody. I run my day how I choose too. I am not tied to an office or a desk. I can work from a coffee shop, a bar, a park bench. The main thing is getting the work done. 

What I find about businesses after the pandemic is that they don’t cater for how the world has changed. They don’t allow their employees to be flexible. 

If you want to be successful you have to learn to be adaptable. On top of this people have realised what truly makes them happy. 

My question to you is, what makes you happy and what do you truly want? 

My advice then is to go after what you desire. You get one shot, create the life you want. 

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