Day Out Recommendation

Recommendation post.

The other day, I decided to take myself out on a walk to Wimbledon. It was a gloomy day  but no rain, just slight drizzle. 

Every time I go to Wimbledon, I have to get my coffee from Coffee Hart. Coffee hart, is a coffee shop on wheels. Their coffees are truly made with love. The two that own coffee hart are so kind, and welcoming. My favourite coffee is a cappuccino. 

Once I had my coffee, I walked around the shops for a bit. I then decided it was time to settle down and do some work for Live Like KK. I went to 601 Queens Rd. 

I was greeted immediately and given a table. Before I even sat down, I was poured a glass of tap water. 

I decided to have a glass of white wine. It was a dry and crisp, just how I liked it. They also do a variety of foods. They have breakfasts such as toast, eggs, and pancakes. They also have salads, burgers and much more. It isn’t your generic menu. I opted for the banana and  ricotta pancakes. They also asked about any allergies, which I don’t have. 

The food came quickly, was well presented and full of flavour.

I paid £8.50 for my glass of wine and around £11.50 for my food which is London prices but for the quality I won’t complain. 

The environment was calm. Not to mention it has a clear roof so you can get the natural light even if it is grey outside. This  always helps me to stay motivated. The staff topped up my water without asking and always made sure I had everything I needed. 

I would thoroughly recommend this place if you want somewhere with tasty food, to feel good, happy and relaxed. 

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