Get To Know Who You Are

Is your identity holding you back from achieving your goals? Is your identity right for the current situation? How do you change your your identity for a different path or future?

The thing is, when you really want something, you create a plan and take action right away, but what about the obstacles that are in the way? There are always going to be things in the way that are based on our identity. 

If you really want something but you can’t achieve it, it could be down to your identity holding you back. Shifting your identity is how to overcome the obstacles. 

The Be Do framework is the way that you can shift your identity. Be the person that you want to become and then do the things you need to to achieve the result. 

The way you be the person you need to be is to look at your past and present. Your current self is being shaped by your past identity. Your past beliefs and experiences all shape who you are today. If you keep letting the past dictate who you are then you keep getting stuck.

You need to figure out what parts of your past you want to change. The best way to find this out is to write it down. Anything that you write down you need to let go off. The key here is to be grateful for everything the good, the bad and the ugly and stop being a victim of your past. 

What about you needs to change to be successful and become the person you want to be?

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