No More Tears

Relationships come with heartbreak and if you are one of these people, I have tips for you to get you back to feeling your best. 

  1. Know your worth. 

You are worth your weight in gold and anyone who made you feel any less than you deserve need to do one. 

2. Do what you want to do. 

Think back to the time when you were in a relationship and you had to compromise about where you would go for dinner or who would get the remote control, well you don’t need to do any of that anymore. You can do what you want and whenever you feel like doing it. 

3. Spend time with your friends and family. 

These are the people that are our biggest cheerleaders and will get us through the darkest times, so go see them and lift that mood.

4. You didn’t really need this person 

Think about it, you don’t need this person to do the things that you did before. You can do things with your friends or family or even alone. Also, before you actually started dating this person they weren’t the only person that you went out with.

5. You are better without them

Things happen for a reason. At this time, maybe they weren’t meant to be part of this chapter of your life. If they don’t see you for the great person you are or aren’t willing to work on the relationship it is a sign that you are better off without them.

If you have gone through a breakup, what advice would you give yourself?

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