I Am Very Busy

We are all busy humans. Often finding the time to meet up with people because someone can only be available on Tuesday and the other on Sunday and that is okay as everyone is getting on with their lives and chasing their dreams. 

But what I have noticed is people alway tell us how busy they are. It can get a bit boring. Why not tell someone something unusual that happened or something new. Next the being busy becomes an excuse as to why you cannot meet up with someone. We are all busy. It is just about making the time. 

If the person means something to you and you enjoy their company, you will make the time to see them. It might not be right away, it might be 3 weeks away, but we all make the time.  When you do see that person, why not tell them what things have been keeping you going as opposed to what made you so busy. 

It is great to be productive and have something to do, but consider how it may look to someone else or how it makes them feel when you say you are busy. 

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