Listen Is The Same As Silent

Being human comes with a range of emotions, and many of them come from work, those of you who work in customer facing jobs will understand. 

We deal with people and we don’t know what people are going through, only what we know what we can see. 

A job in customer service means putting on that smile and making customers happy, but what about if you aren’t feeling so good? When someone asks how you are, should you just smile and say fine or should you be honest and say I am not feeling to good?

In reality we should be able to express how we feel, but that doesn’t give off a good impression. 

I recently had flu and I felt terrible, I got sent home from work and was off a couple of days and then returned. I was at about 90% myself and the system was slow and I apologised to the client and also apologised for me being a bit slow as I don’t feel well and she shouted at me and hung up the phone. It really made me feel so crap when I was trying to help. The thing here is that we are all people and we all struggle. 

I always try to help, and do a good job no matter how I feel, but sometimes it makes you think what is the point, however it is part of me and my nature to help people so that is exactly what I continued to do. 

Just be mindful that people are going through all sorts, so before shouting, listen to what they are saying. 

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