April Update

How we are half way through April is beyond me. Time just seems to go so fast. 

For me, the past few months have been good but a challenge. I have a few updates for you. 

I have been adjusting to freelance life. I am back in the fitness industry which is what I enjoy. I also enjoy the flexibility of being able to pick the shifts that I want to work. The invoicing each month isn’t my favourite though. 

Another update is that I have torn the PCL. It is a ligament in my knee. I am waiting to have an MRI to see the extent of it. It causes me pain when I go up and down stairs and feels like it will give way. I can’t do walking for long periods of time or do anything that involves fast movement and twisting. Currently I am strengthening the muscles around it and hoping that will help. 

I turn 30 on the 28th! Now that is exciting. I hear your 30’s are some of the best times. Anyone who is 30, let me know. I have a trip to Italy planned which I cannot wait for! I am going to Turin, Verona and Milan. Those of you, who don’t know, I love everything about Italy. I am sure I am secretly Italian. I cannot wait to explore the culture, eat good food and drink good beer. 

I am still working hard on Live Like KK and am hoping to make exciting changes to my coaching packages over the next few months, so keep an eye out for that. I look forward to continuing to grow my business and make a difference to the wellness of so many people. 

What are you most looking forward to over the next few months?

Cheers to great adventures, oh and also a bit of sunshine would be great. 

Live Like KK x

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