There Is Nothing Certain

Things really feel uncertain at the minute, even though we are learning to live with COVID it doesn’t stop us from feeling anxious about what may be. 

I am going to Italy to celebrate my 30th birthday and whilst I am excited to get away, there is still that stress with ensuring I have all the relevant documents for the trip, getting insurance that covers COVID and also having my NHS digital COVID pass. 

A holiday is meant to be a time to relax, so amongst this, what have I been doing to make sure I am not overwhelmed.

Rather than my last minute packing, I am doing this bit by bit, filling out forms in advance of my trip and also ensuring I have time for myself. I have been exercising, meditating and just making sure I take care of myself.

I cannot stress how important self-care is, both physically and mentally, especially during times like these. 

No matter how chaotic life my be, prioritise yourself and your wellness. You are number one. 

Lots of love to you all,

Live Like KK x

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