You Glow Differently When You Are Happy

It might be time for a change. 

The holiday blues may be with me, but at the same time, something is missing. 

I love London and I love my home, but I can’t help and see that outside of London and even the UK there may be a happier way of living. 

Being abroad has made me realise that a lot of things about the way I am living is missing. 

People smile. People are polite. People are relaxed. 

I don’t want to sit here and struggle to make ends meet, nor work to not even be able to enjoy the money I earn because the cost of living is high. 

Life is to be enjoyed and we only have one shot at it and ever since the pandemic, being happy and fulfilled has become peoples main focus, mine included. 

I haven’t experienced living outside the UK but it is a goal of mine.

Time to chase these dreams. 

Live Like KK x

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