May Update

How are we at the end of May! Time just keeps on flying buy!

I have had the holiday blues since coming back from Italy at the end of last month for the 30th and I still can’t seem to shake it. It probably means that something needs to change aka moving abroad. That is still something I would love to do. 

Anyway, back to May. 

May for me has been full of football. Being a Chelsea season ticket holder, I think almost every weekend in May has been football. We played in the FA Cup final against Liverpool at Wembley, sadly we lost on penalties. Despite the score and frustration I had a good day out with friends. I will miss my weekends at the football. I also hope this situation with our takeover gets sorted soon.

May has also been a time to reconnect. I have seen family that I haven’t in years and even met some for the first time. It was truly warming to see them and I am glad to be back in touch with them. Family is where life begins and love never ends. 

Other than the above there hasn’t been too much else happening. It has been a relatively quiet month in terms of events and travel.

I am ready to work on my goals for June for my business and personally too, but before that, let us all enjoy a long bank holiday for the jubilee weekend!

All The Best, 

Live Like KK x

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