Be Yourself

Hi There. Happy Thursday.

Something that has been on my mind lately is the question of why can’t we be ourselves? The thing is that the society we live in makes it hard to be ourselves. Social media makes it hard for us to not compare ourselves to one another or be influenced about how others live. 

When we show up as our authentic self, no makeup, stretch mark doing odd things, this is us being honest and real. These are the things that we need to learn to accept.

Accepting who we are is all part of growing. We can change certain things, but really the key element is to learn to embrace who we are. 

From my experience, it is uncomfortable learning to be yourself. I found that it made me feel vulnerable to all sorts of criticisms from others, but the more I kept doing this, the easier it became. 

If you need reminding of why you should get comfortable with who you are this is my advice:

I simply learnt not to give a f*** what people thought because the only person I need to please is myself and this is what you need to do too because you are great as you are. 

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

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