Everything Is A Reflection

Reflecting is a daily ritual we should all take part in. 

Reflecting helps us to calm the mind from any stressors from the day, it also helps us to be more aware of events that have occurred. It also helps us to improve our critical thinking skills and improving our behaviours because we learn and analyse things. 

It is also vital for our wellbeing. Reflection makes our emotional intelligence better and helps us to cope with challenges in life better.

Benjamin Franklin had specific evening review. Each night he asked himself; what good have I done today?

Ask Yourself The Following:

  1. How has your day been? 
  2. How do you feel? 
  3. Who made you smile today? 
  4. What act of kindness did I do today?

What did you learn from answering these questions?

If there is something you didn’t do from your refection add this to your list for tomorrow. 

By trying these things you should achieve a sense of inner calmness and restoring balance.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

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