Everything Will Be Okay

Happy Wednesday.

I hope you are all coping in this heatwave.

Things just seem to be getting harder and harder for many of us. If you are feeling like things are just getting too much here are my top tips for you. 

  1. Take a break!

It is perfectly okay to take a break. Meditate, get fresh air, or even take a mental health day. 

  1. Take control of the things that you can.

We can’t have control over everything so the things that you can, take control of them such as, your health and wellness, or removing negativity from your life. 

  1. Change the way you view things. 

Believe me, I am guilty of looking at things in a bad way, and as though they won’t get better, but you can take control of this and look at the situation differently.  Rather than looking at things as “everything is falling apart” try and look at it as “for the time being, it is what it is.” It doesn’t mean you are accepting it, it just means that you are letting go of the control.

  1. Do something you enjoy. 

It could be something as simple as watching a film or playing with your pet. Whatever it is, take your mind off how you are feeling and do something that makes you feel good.

  1. Talk to someone. 

There is nothing better than letting out how you feel. Talk to friends, family or even a therapist. Let out your concerns. 

Remember, that things will always get better, even if they don’t look like it right now. 

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All The Best,

Live Like KK x

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