Feel Good Friday

Happy Friday. Instead of my Friday favourites, I am coming to you with a feel good friday, all the things that have a positive impact on my mental wellbeing. 

  1. Listening to my body. Being aware of when I need to simply rest and recharge. 
  2. Enforcing my boundaries. This is a big thing for mental wellness. Saying no. It doesn’t matter whether that is saying no to plans or not picking up that extra shift. 
  3. Turning off my notifications on my phone and not feeling pressured to respond to people. 
  4. Eating well and staying hydrated. I notice the impact on my mind and body, feeling sluggish and overwhelmed when I don’t nourish my body. 
  5. Removing negativity. This can be having a clean out of my social media feed from the things that don’t make me feel good or even distancing myself from negative relationships and people. 

Investing in your mental well being really costs nothing. So, my question to you is what will you do to help your mental health?

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

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