Take A Deep Breath

If we are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, one of the first things that we are advised to do is to pause and take a deep breath.

Deep breathing is known to help us calm down and thing more clearly.

Breathwork is about changing the way we breathe. We consciously think about how we breathe for a certain amount time. When breathing in the way, we stay in the present and our levels of cortisol lowers.

Here are a few benefits of breathwork:

  1. Helps us to let go of negative thoughts
  2. Helps us to boost our self-esteem
  3. Helps us to control our emotions
  4. Helps us to take control
  5. Helps us to stay focused

Taking a few moments of mindfulness in your day is vital to improving your mental well-being so ensure to prioritise this.

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

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