Take A Walk

I love a good walk when my knee permits, but aside from that, walking has so many benefits. It isn’t just good for for our mood, it also can help prevent illness.

When I see people talk about their health and wellness they are talking about taking supplements, but what about simple exercise and nutrition?

Walking is an example of this. It can help to lower our cardiovascular risk and also improve our insulin resistance. Take a short walk after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

On top of this it can also help you to sleep better. I find that if I am not feeling the best I also take a walk. I feel less stressed and refreshed.

The final point why we should walk more is for having healthy guts. If you are struggling with constipation, maybe it is time to start adding daily walks.

Let me know if you enjoy walking and will you start implementing walking into your life?

All The Best,

Live Like KK x

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