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How To Build Self-Trust

Trusting yourself is so important, however building that self-trust can be hard work. When you don’t trust yourself, you often overthink things, did I upset them? What if they don’t like me anymore. On top of that if you don’t trust yourself, you are afraid to take action when you truly want something as you […]

Trust Yourself

I have been thinking a bit about my journey to self-growth and acceptance and trusting myself and that things will workout, so if you are having this problem, here are some ways that you can trust yourself. Rely on yourself. This can be something as simple as completing your to do list.  Remember you have […]

Your Body Loves You

Summer is slowly creeping up on us, and it brings about the feelings of bad body image days.  If you are having one of those bad body image days, there are a few things that you can do to shift this.  Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, not the tight skirt or hot pants. […]

You Matter

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues every year. I can relate, I suffer and have been on antidepressants.  In terms of our mental health, there aren’t any rules stating how we should be looking after ourselves mentally. I do want to give you a few reminders […]

Excellence Is The Bare Minimum

People aways push us to keep trying to do new things and just keep going, even when it is things that are outside our comfort zone.  When we don’t do these things, it makes us feel like a let down or failure but in reality we can’t always be doing everything. Sometimes simply doing the […]

Listen To The Silence

I hope you are having a good week. I have a few reminders here for you: You are not your thoughts. Let them come and go, but don’t allow them to settle.  Emotions cannot be solved. They can only be felt. It isn’t the sadness or anxiety that causes damage it is our reaction to […]

You Glow Differently When You Are Happy

It might be time for a change.  The holiday blues may be with me, but at the same time, something is missing.  I love London and I love my home, but I can’t help and see that outside of London and even the UK there may be a happier way of living.  Being abroad has […]

Hello Italia

How are we in May already? At least we have had another bank holiday, so a short week for most of us! I am back and settled into routine after being away in Italy to celebrate my birthday. I travelled to Turin and Milan.  I went a week before the restrictions changed, but to be […]

It’s My Birthday!

Happy 30th birthday to me! 30’s are said to be some of the best times. I’m sitting here reflecting on the fact that my 20’s was the time that I started my fitness business then realised that something was missing and I wanted to help people become their best self through focusing on wellness as […]

Working 9-5

The crisis of staffing at work in the UK is something that is really being tested since the pandemic. More and more people have begun to realise that a 9-5 or full time job isn’t what they want to do anymore and that their time is more valuable. I for one can truly see the […]

Simple = Beautiful

We yearn for a simple life, then why do we always over complicate things? A simple life is possible if we do the following: Set monthly goals rather than yearly goals. Declutter your home as this will make you feel less stressed if you have less things around you Carry a water bottle to stay […]

Consistency Is Worth More Than Perfection

Hi! I hope your day is going well. Let us talk about consistency. This is essential when building good rituals, but it is one of the hardest things to master.  The thing that we will do today is answer a few questions: What has your lack of commitment cost you so far? Is it your […]

Change Your Words, Change Your World

Hi,  How are you? I am coming to you with a tip that you can put into action right away and is especially useful when we begin to set boundaries.  We often experience thoughts such as: I am not good at saying no I don’t know where to begin  I don’t have time to learn […]

There Is Nothing Certain

Things really feel uncertain at the minute, even though we are learning to live with COVID it doesn’t stop us from feeling anxious about what may be.  I am going to Italy to celebrate my 30th birthday and whilst I am excited to get away, there is still that stress with ensuring I have all […]

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