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Let Go

Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. Let go of: Toxic people Past mistakes Unrealistic expectations People pleasing Negative Self-Talk The first step to letting go is to acknowledge what doesn’t serve you anymore. Once you do this, be aware of where these things show up in your life and respond to this in […]

This Feeling Won’t Last Forever

Happy Sunday. I just want to give you a reminder that nothing is permanent and that includes how you are feeling right now. When we are struggling, it can feel like it will last forever and our minds cannot see any way out of this feeling and that there is nothing good. Remember, things always […]

You Are Worthy

Hi. I hope you are well. I want to discuss self-worth. What is self-worth and what impact does it have on your day to day life? Self-worth is defined as a sense of one’s own value as a human. The thing here is that the problem doesn’t lie with your own worth, it lies with […]

We Are Slaves Of Our Own Emotions

I want to touch upon emotions. Something that I came across recently was the saying ‘the happy side of neutral.’ This is telling us that our life isn’t spent experiencing heightened emotions and rather the chasing a state of happiness as this is actually impossible, we should aim for the happier side of our most […]

I Am Running Out Of Time

Do you feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done? You look at your schedule and feel overwhelmed. Your list is constantly growing. I can understand that. You aren’t alone here. What I am learning is that when you are efficient and consistent the more you get back in return so by the […]

You Are Growing Everyday

How is your journey to self-development going? When it comes to growth and development, I often see an all or nothing mindset. You are either pleasing everyone else and neglecting yourself or you are either procrastinating or smashing every goal of yours.  Either way, none of these are sustainable. When you realise that you want […]

Summer Loving

With Summer being here, there are bound to be parties, bbq’s and let’s not forget the long bank holiday weekend at the end of August.  What should you not do after a weekend of celebrations? Restrict Eat less the next day Not eating carbs to make up for it Do countless amounts of cardio. What […]

Never Settle For Less

Happy Tuesday. Today, I want to give you a reminder to not accept it but to embrace it.  One of the worst things that we can do is blame other people for our circumstances and act as if we have no control.  The thing here is that when we accept what is happening in our […]

July Update

Once again we are at the end of another month! How time flies.  I started July saying goodbye to someone special. But what I can take from that is the fact they had a beautiful send off and it was also a chance to spend time with family that I haven’t in many years.  I […]

Feel Good Friday

Happy Friday. Instead of my Friday favourites, I am coming to you with a feel good friday, all the things that have a positive impact on my mental wellbeing.  Listening to my body. Being aware of when I need to simply rest and recharge.  Enforcing my boundaries. This is a big thing for mental wellness. […]

It Really Isn’t That Important

Happy Wednesday.  I hope that your week has been good so far. I have been thinking about how we make things out to be more important than they actually are, so we need to give ourselves the reminder that they really aren’t. The things that I find we give more attention to are: What the […]

Stop Feeling Guilty

Monday comes around so fast. How was your weekend? I certainly feel well rested today. As humans, it is only normal to feel guilty, but here are things that you should NOT be feeling guilty for: What food you ate or drank over the weekend. Wanting your own space and time. Not always being able […]

Be Kind To Yourself

Hi there. Happy Saturday. Have you got anything nice planned for the weekend? Me, I want to relax and catch up on well needed rest. Here are a few ways that you can be kind to yourself this weekend: If you aren’t feeling motivated, don’t put pressure on yourself to do something. You are only […]

No Regrets

Hi. How are things? Have you ever said the words, I wish I have done X, Y, Z? Let me know. The thing is, we can regret things that we have done and learn from them, but can we regret things we haven’t done? We often end up regretting the things that we didn’t do […]

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Day

Hi! Happy Tuesday. I want to talk a bit about how to ensure that you make the most of your day and optimise your time. Here are a few simple tips that you can try: Start your day with a positive thought. Whether it is saying something nice about yourself or saying something you are […]

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