Crystal Healing

Full Body Healing

This is a crystal healing session to help you restore balance and ease stress and anxiety. I will perform an energy scan. During the sessions, crystals are placed on the 7 main chakra points in order to remove energy blocks.

This is suitable for all including those who have mental health concerns and those who are pregnant.

Prior to the session, you need to complete a health questionnaire.

Normally this will be an in person session. Due to the current situation it is done remotely. Please note the cost of the session involves the charging of crystals and me sending the crystals to you via post. Upon booking I will send you a list of crystals to choose from.

The session is 60 mins long and the cost is £110.

Distance Healing

This is exactly as the name says. It is done remotely via zoom.

The crystals are programmed with certain intentions. I will give you the crystal for the healing session. When it comes to the session, you will place the crystal on the chakra that is tailored to the session.

You can choose from the following techniques and one of the following crystals :

Neurological Balancing- Sapphire, Topaz, Jade
Lymphatic Balancing- Clear Quartz, Amber, Sulphur
Circulatory Balancing- Rose Quartz, Agate, Bloodstone

Prior to the session you will need to complete a health questionnaire.

The length of the sessions are 60 mins and the cost of the sessions are £90. The cost includes the charging of the crystal and postage of your chosen crystal.